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FinchTrade Partners with Cypator for Enhanced OTC Crypto Trading

Jan 09 2024

Deeper Liquidity & Minimized Risks: FinchTrade joins Cypator. We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Cypator, a leading institutional crypto Electronic Communication Network (ECN). This strategic partnership is set to elevate our service offerings, particularly in order execution and liquidity provision for client investment strategies. Leveraging Cypator’s ECN, we aim to enhance liquidity discovery, with pre-trade balance checks through settlement, on both a bilateral and custodian and prime broker basis.

Elevating Liquidity and Execution Capabilities

Diversifying Liquidity Sources

One of the key highlights of our partnership with Cypator is the diversification of liquidity sources. This alliance broadens Cypator’s list of counterparties for bilateral trading, significantly enhancing our ability to provide optimal liquidity to our clients. By integrating with Cypator’s network, we can access a wider array of liquidity pools, ensuring that our clients benefit from the best possible trading conditions.

Advanced Trading Access

Through Cypator’s renowned institutional-grade, anonymous credit-based execution network, FinchTrade will facilitate efficient market-making and liquidity-taking initiatives. This advanced trading access allows us to offer superior execution services, enabling our clients to capitalize on market opportunities with greater precision and efficiency.

Risk-Controlled Execution

Risk management is a cornerstone of our operations. With Cypator, we leverage prime brokers such as HiddenRoad as central clearing agents. This setup ensures efficient risk management and net settlement of all trading activities, providing a secure and reliable trading environment for our clients.

Strengthening Our Presence in Europe

Expanding Our Reach

This partnership significantly bolsters FinchTrade’s presence in the European digital asset market. By aligning with Cypator, we are positioned to capture a larger share of the market and expand our distribution channels. This marks a significant growth phase for both FinchTrade and Cypator in the region.

Supporting Institutional Growth

Our collaboration with Cypator is designed to meet the needs of institutional clients and traditional finance players. By diversifying our liquidity sources and enhancing our OTC trading network, we are better equipped to serve the evolving demands of our institutional clientele.

Key Partnership Highlights

Enhanced Liquidity Discovery

  • Diversifying Liquidity Sources: Expanding our liquidity sources through Cypator’s network enhances our list of counterparties for bilateral trading.
  • Advanced Trading Access: Utilizing Cypator’s anonymous ECN facilitates efficient market-making and liquidity-taking.
  • Risk-Controlled Execution: Leveraging prime brokers such as HiddenRoad ensures efficient risk management and net settlement of all trading activities.

Vibhanshu Bahuguna, Global Head of Sales & Business Development at Cypator, says, “Our partnership with FinchTrade meets our goal to diversify liquidity sources and expand our OTC trading network. In addition to building client momentum from institutional and traditional finance, important players in digital assets such as FinchTrade allow our network to access the best liquidity in crypto.”

“Collaborating with Cypator is a strategic move for us, enhancing our order execution and liquidity services, and expanding our distribution channels to serve takers on Cypator,” commented Yuri Berg, Board Member of FinchTrade.

About Cypator
Cypator is an ECN, addressing the needs of institutions to trade digital assets in a liquidity optimized, risk controlled and transparent manner. Built to trade digital assets and designed on tradFi workflows, Cypator resolves the unique liquidity, workflow and technological challenges of trading through a Prime broker in a disclosed, undisclosed manner or directly via a custodian.

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