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Experts in crypto markets since 2018

We are rethinking financial markets and their instruments in a new era of technology and decentralization. This is an exciting challenge to be at the beginning of something new that will affect the whole global economy. Join us!

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Curent location: Canada


Pavel Efremov

Head of operations,
Member of the Board

FinchTrade has cutting-edge technology that helps us thrive. It is an amazing opportunity to work here.

We have the smartest people and a great culture.

I got my degree from Brock University, Ontario, and then started my career in banking (HSBC, RBC) and consulting (PWC) where I was working in such areas as Trade Finance and Risk Management. Although I am a cautious person, I have eventually decided to join one of the fastest-growing and definitely the most exciting industry of crypto assets & blockchain to bring experience from the world of traditional finance.


Curent location: Portugal




Cutting-edge technologies

Low-latency trading (µs)

Bright international team

Very dynamic environment

Rapid growth

I am a DevOps / CKA & Tech Lead with multi-year experience. I have created and managed infrastructure in GCP / GKE. I have also designed API, DB-architecture and internal analytics for several consumer service mobile and web applications for the Kazakhstan market from scratch.


Curent location: Poland



Software engineer

FinchTrade is a fast-growing company that always remains at the cutting edge of technology. I am positive that we can achieve outstanding results because my colleagues are highly motivated experts. Besides, I enjoy friendly working environment.

Before having moved to Poland, I had lived and studied in Kharkiv, Ukraine. I have a degree in computer engineering and have worked as a software developer for the world’s biggest hardware and automotive manufactures. In addition, before joining FinchTrade I had an opportunity to be a part of the development team of office apps suite millions of people use daily.


Curent location: Turkey


Egor Eremenko

Product owner

FinchTrade opens up an opportunity to have a job of the future today. With a flexible schedule, modern technology stack, direct impact on the company’s PnL, and challenging tasks, of course, you can be sure that this is the right place. Just one more thing, I really like the team here.

After having moved to Moscow in 2005 to finish physics education at MEPhI, I started my career in investment banking industry in Renaissance Capital where he become Head of IT Business Support helping Research department. At Sberbank CIB, I began with position of front-office systems support in Eastern Europe, and later moved to Head of Foreign Unit to provide offices in New-York, Nicosia, London and Zurich with best IT solutions.


Curent location: Switzerland


Lesya Margris

COO, Member of the Board of Directors

I believe no growth is possible without challenges. What counts for me most are the people who surround me. Our team is daring, fearless, kind and open minded. I am proud of people i am working with.

I was born in Kiev, grew up in a small city Bila Tserkva, Ukraine, and studied economics & finance in Siberia. Since university, I have always been fascinated with stock and commodities markets. Being a fan of the fractal theory, I started margin trading during the last year of my studies. I then moved to study in Brussels, and started a career in banking. During the last 15 years I worked for the Bank of New York, ING, UBS and Credit Suisse. The move to a startup was a big dare for me.


Curent location: Austria



Quantitative developer

I believe that crypto is the future and I love working in FinchTrade because I can build this future together with the team of professionals. In our team, every person has their own unique expertise and when we work together as a team to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

I have a background in applied mathematics and computer science and previous working experience as a quantitative analyst in a risk management firm and as a quantitative trader at a Chicago located high-frequency trading firm. I develop trading strategies, analyse their performance and optimise their parameters to achieve better profitability. I study at a Big Data Academy from VK Education and learn machine learning, advanced Python and C++.


Curent location: Belarus



Quantitative developer

I am passionate about the world of crypto and working at FinchTrade seems to be the best way to discover it. I value that my teammates are eager to help me and assist in implementing my ideas.

I grew up in Minsk, Belarus, and studied mathematics and economics at BSU. I started my career in data science and worked on prediction models for stocks and commodities markets. Afterwards, I decided to join FinchTrade and move to the crypto industry.


Curent location: Ukraine


Illia Leoshko

HTML / CSS Developer

I have always believed that a company is people. Joining the great young team of FinchTrade has proved that my thoughts have been right. I am very impressed that I am not bounded by limits, my colleagues hear me and take my ideas into account. I am very glad that I am a part of FinchTrade team.

I was born and live in Kharkiv, Ukraine. I studied computer science and used to work in different roles. At some point, fate brought me to web-developing. I liked it and realised that it is fascinating, gives us an opportunity to develop personally, and learn something new every day.


Curent location: Georgia



Back-end engineer

I came to FinchTrade to create cool and reliable financial services together with a team of professionals. In addition, it is important for me to work in a team in which the individual contribution of each member is of great value.

I am a developer with experience in designing and developing high-load systems. I started my career at FineryTech and I am glad that fate brought me together with this team again. Before joining FinchTrade, I worked at Yandex, where I created services that improve the lives of millions of users in Russia and the CIS.


Curent location: Switzerland


Yuri Berg

CBDO, Member of the Board

Joining FinchTrade is an exciting next move deeper into the fintech world to work with a devoted, talented & resilient team of professionals.

After graduating from high school in Jerusalem & gathering his first tech job experience, Yuri moved to Austria where he has accomplished his BA, MA & MSc with distinction while working in the finance & private banking (LGT Bank) areas. Afterwards, Yuri moved to Berlin for the MBA studies & eventually relocated to Switzerland to continue his journey at the interception of technology & finance. Having lived & worked in multiple countries & being exposed to diverse cultures, Yuri enjoys embarking on new challenges & growth opportunities!


Curent location: Israel

Anton Dines

Anton Dines

Operations manager

The team’s power is in its every member. The power of every member in our team is a key feature of our company.

Anton graduated from the Higher School of Economics with a BA degree in analysis and audit. He worked for over five years in the accounting department of the largest mobile operator in Eastern Europe. A few years ago he moved to Israel, where he was successfully engaged in operations in technology startups.


Curent location: Georgia



Back-end engineer

I was excited to join the dedicated team of professionals at FinchTrade. It's an incredible opportunity to contribute to creating a cutting-edge solution for AML & Compliance.

I am a software engineer with over five years of experience in the crypto field. I've had the opportunity to work on payment processing for a large exchange and on Web3 infrastructure. I'm always eager for new challenges and passionate about building exceptional products.


Curent location: Turkey



UI Designer

User well-being is my utmost priority. I measure my success by enhancing user experiences through improved interactions. I aim for designs that are beautiful, simple, and functional.

My focus is on crafting modern, beautiful, and user-friendly designs. I gauge my success by observing how my work enhances users' lives, providing satisfaction and inspiration through elegant and functional interactions. This drives me to continually create designs that blend beauty with convenience.


Curent location: Azerbaijan


Nazrin Musayeva

Business development

As a tech enthusiast, there's nothing more exhilarating than joining FinchTrade - a team of passionate experts who are committed to revolutionizing finance.

Nazrin is a seasoned business development professional specializing in SaaS, blockchain, and Web3 industries. She previously managed blockchain and Web3 product launches and assisted a diverse portfolio of projects such as DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, etc. with marketing and growth strategies. She has a proven track record of negotiating high-value investment and partnership deals where her multilingualism has been a valuable asset.

Workflow principles

Do the best for the team to thrive and we will thrive together

Great team

We have gathered a team of highly motivated experts who have created friendly working environment. For us, every goal is achievable!

Mobile work

You can work from your home office, from our office in Zug, join our teams in London or Kharkiv, or choose any other location. Our team geography already includes 6 countries

Flexible hours

We believe we will get better results when you have freedom to decide when and how it is best for you to work, the more important is to get things done with quality and sharpness

Our team

We are hiring

Product Owner New

Full-time • Remote

Head of Business Dev and Partnerships

Full-time • Remote

Python developer New

Full-time • Remote

Senior GO developer

Full-time • Remote

Front-end developer Hired

Full-time • Remote

Are you mad about algorithmic trading?
Drop us an email even if you don’t find a suitable role in the list

Straightforward operating process Simple hiring process



Find suitable role, drop us your CV and short cover letter why you are interested to work with us


Two interviews

The process includes two technical interviews and usually does not take longer than 2 weeks

Although we are quite selective, it won't take ages to join us. We value our time and yours

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