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We value our reputation and pay thorough attention to AML policies and their practical implementation.

We screen all directors and UBOs.

Specialized software helps us to review companies.

A Top10 vendor assists us with transaction verification.

All addresses get reviewed before trading.

Better prices today are not enough for tomorrow. Everyday we wake up aiming to become better.

We control and implement processes in order to decrease our hedging costs and improve our hedging strategies which impact the final prices.

We work hard to implement better flow internalization in order to unlock more competitive spreads.

Our products owners are immediately reachable to explore your demands

Our development team’s priority is able to implement desired features quickly

New coins can be added within a day

We made order execution transparent, fair and efficient by using Finery Markets.com:

No last look. No last moment order cancellation. 0%Zero orders’ rejection rates on displayed quotes.

No holding time to benefit from changing market conditions at your expense

Limit or Market (Immediate or Cancel)

Limit or Market (Fill it or Kill)

You are worried about how the market will react to the size of your order and would like to execute it at a better price with minimum market impact.

We have multiple OTC partners and are connected to other liquidity providers. We constantly endeavor to expand our OTC network to make available beyond exchange liquidity and OTC spreads at hand.

The algorithms will source the liquidity from several sources, both on and off-exchange, that allows trading several millions (USD equivalent) of a crypto asset at once with minimal price slippage.

We gather level 2 market data from selected crypto exchanges and compare it with our own quotes to illustrate your savings if you trade with us.

We believe in an honest approach.

Front-running is trading any asset based on insider knowledge of a future transaction that will affect its price. We will never front-run a flow of our trading partners. This is also prohibited by our internal policies.

Our algorithms enable opportunities which otherwise will not be seen or reachable. They aggregate best offers from multiple sources, so the market inefficiencies are filtered out.

No cross-venue arbitrage pocketing, better price is selected based on algorithms.

Most industries would agree that between 70 to 80 percent of incidents occur due to human error. Our systems are designed to work 24/7 with no human intervention to gain maximum contingency and provide clients with maximum uptime.
While our algorithms safeguard the flows, our developers and engineers get enough rest to create and improve.

We have established a thorough selection process of our tech providers.

Automated monitoring and system alerts intervene prior to any malfunction.

The quotes you will see are based on several liquidity sources and automatically distributed: if one source is down, the flow is automatically redirected to other sources.

Our testing and release model are fully automated and barely require any human intervention.

Order entry and execution, all crypto settlements (FOPs) are fully automated.

Hourly verification of trades load from venues is automated.

Real-time monitoring of balances and performance.

EOD full reconciliation of all platforms (balances and trades) happens automatically.

We analyse, monitor and proactively manage our risks in order to be well-equipped for such disastrous events as market turmoil, hacker attacks, defaults of trading partners.

Risk exposure to price fluctuations of bitcoin and other assets is controlled and limited: our algorithms are tuned in a way to take only very short-term market exposure up to a certain threshold while remaining market neutral most of the time.

We control and constantly improve system latency to avoid any market risk due to delayed execution.

We react to market conditions swiftly by reviewing our risk limits.

The algorithms have a system of various trading limits, that are dynamic and reactive to market and liquidity change.

We keep diversifying our liquidity sources and establish direct connectivity to them to improve robustness and decrease round-trip delays.

Each counterparty undergoes credit risk assessment to establish an appropriate limit.

Limits are monitored and updated regularly.

To maintain the limit the counterparty is required to keep the positive equity with us.

Latency is the estimated time between the two points: from the time a request is sent to the time when the response is received. Latency is a direct measure of the system's performance to provide for better execution and less price slippage. How do we achieve that?

Thanks to the direct and in some cases dedicated connections to trading venues we are able to receive market data faster and decrease the round-trip time (RTT) when sending an trading order. Better RTT means less price slippage and better execution, which results in our ability to quote narrower spreads.

Our trading system is designed and built in a way to sustain high load and process large amounts of data within milliseconds even during times of high market volatility.

We continuously monitor the latency of both our trading system and connectivity to trading venues measuring delays of getting market data and RTT of order execution.

We implemented measures to maintain and to work on the secured infrastructure.

Fully automated market-making solution,
tailored to your needs

Order execution

Via API on your accounts


100% automation

Our algos built to run without human factor



Customised daily & real-time reports



We support all major venues


Multi pairs and venues

We can quote your coin against several assets


Fast & stable algos

Firm quotes 24/7