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Nov 10 2022

You can probably still find people around who have never heard of cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology. But you can hardly find a person who doesn’t know what the internet is. It always happens with new technologies and people adopt everything that is unfamiliar with caution. Now we can see how smart and wise the endeavors of internet technology were 25–30 years ago, how their passion brought them a fortune and made the world a better place. Check this graph below comparing the tracks over the time of Internet users and cryptocurrency holders. It seems that cryptocurrencies are also on the right track and I’m truly happy for people who can see the same.


By comparing the data, the researchers predicted that crypto users may reach 1 billion by 2030 following the trendline.

The overall majority of crypto-related projects these days are start-ups and small businesses run by visionaries and pioneers of the industry. Sometimes it seems hard for employees to switch from big corp business models to small purposeful companies. But let’s have a closer look at the advantages that a start-up can provide.

Bright perspectives

When you join an unknown company, you probably won’t get a lot of positive and cheering feedback from people around, as you can get when you start at Google or Microsoft. On the other hand, a big corporation can be at the highest point of its development cycle. Of course, you will still get a great experience. But if we talk about a personal bonus plan, it is determined by your entry, based on the state of the company and capitalization at that very moment. The risk of losing some value over time is quite significant if a company is right at its peak, and you hardly have anything to do about it.

When you join a start-up, you have the possibility of a substantial impact on the future of this company. If a start-up becomes successful, it can be a life-changing event.

Vibrancy and passion

Since a start-up is new, you constantly need to stay very flexible to find the right market fit and win the hearts of customers. That can be exciting and highly motivating. Also, young companies are often understaffed and so you have to wear many hats. There is no better training for your personal skills than working at a start-up. If you’re going to do a start-up right, you have to become obsessed with it. As a result, that can often consume a lot of your time, but only passion and commitment can lead you to something great.



FinchTrade — start-up with the taste of success

FinchTrade is a Switzerland-based start-up that provides highly developing institutional crypto-related clients with top-grade liquidity services. Backed by deep experienced professionals and visions for the crypto market and financial world overall, it contributes to the future of crypto, which makes it so special and promising for the team.
We have gathered a team of highly motivated experts who have created a friendly working environment. For us, every goal is achievable.
Apart from the majority of the start-ups, we stand for the work-life balance and you have unlimited options to work from your home office, from our office in Zug, join our teams in London or Kharkiv, or choose any other location. Our team geography already includes 6 countries. We also believe in better results when you have the freedom to decide how you should work. The most important is to get things done with quality and sharpness.

Share with us our passion for cutting-edge technology and motivation to make this world a better place. This will not only let you realize your potential and reveal your strengths but will also reward your talents with no limits. You are the one who manages this.

Although we are quite selective, it won’t take ages to join us. We value our time and yours. Find a suitable role, drop us your CV and short cover letter why you are interested to work with us. The process includes two technical interviews and usually does not take longer than 2 weeks.

Learn more about our team and opportunities that FinchTrade might bring to your life, and see how it is going for those who are in the team for quite a time:

Egor Eremenko, Crypto Product Owner at FinchTrade says:
“Big corps are attractive due to their scale. You can be a part of huge projects when there are billions in budgets and millions of users. Corporations can easily spend tons of resources on entertainment for employees, lead them to learn, will cover your health insurance or grant you a tasty mortgage rate.
But if you opt for happiness and a meaningful way of life, it turns out that the best is to work for small companies, like FinchTrade.
You will never feel like a cog in the system and you will get the feeling of the tangible impact of your personal contribution to the common cause; you’ll be able to choose when and where to work from, and the choice of “corporate benefits” is all yours.”

Pavel Efremov, Operations Manager at FinchTrade :
“Working in a start-up is never static. Everything is changing quickly and you have exposure to different matters. The same time you feel supported even if the team is not big. Everyone is in a close connection to each other. You can see the result of your own contribution every day and this is what a growing company can boast of.
You can work from any place you like and the flexible hours open unlimited advantages to build your own perfect schedule. This is a very important point for me, because it allows me to spend more time with my family which has recently grown and requires special attention.
Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and if they were an enterprise, I would say it is on the “start-up stage” now. Working in a start-up on the “start-up” market — what can be more promising and potentially beneficial?”