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Quick start

Setting limits 1

Setting limits More info

Setting limits

Right after onboarding, each counterparty is assigned a trading limit. Default gross trading limit starts from 100K EUR but, of course, it can be a lot higher.

If you require a higher limit, we take a look at your financial sitation and might ask you to send us partial prepayment against settlement of future trades.

Verifying 2

Pre-funding More info


Centralized exchanges usually require 100% pre-funding. This means you need to send an asset to the exchange in order to be able to sell it or pay for another asset. In contrast, we do not require 100% pre-funding (e.g., even if you do not have BTC, you can still sell BTC).

Depending on your financial status, FinchTrade will ask for a partial prepayment of 0-30% of the gross trading limit. For example, if the trading limit is $1M and prepayment 20%, then the prepayment will be $200k.

Effective capital utilisation 3

Capital efficiency More info

Effective capital utilisation

As OTC trading usually implies post-trade settlement, you do not need to have a prepayment for each trading pair.

For example, you may send us USD to be able to trade ETH/BTC

Centralized crypto exchanges require 100% pre-funding

Centralized crypto exchanges require 100% pre-funding

FinchTrade does not require pre-funding

FinchTrade does not require pre-funding
Trading continuously 4

Trading continuously More info

Settle & trade

We manage our risks by setting limits on the size of your open unsettled positions (gross trading limits). In order to free gross limits, you need to settle (see Settlement for more details). Once the position is (partially) settled, your free trading limit will increase accordingly.

Learn more in our FAQ