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Quick start

Whitelisting 1

Whitelisting More info


Prior to trading we need to exchange settlement addresses (please note it may take up to 48 hours to whitelist a new address).

Please ensure that your sending and receiving addresses are the same. This is a mandatory AML requirement.

Verifying 2

Verifying (Satoshi test) More info

Verifying (Satoshi test)

You will need to send a small amount from your wallet to verify that the whitelisted addresses belong to you.

If your AML policy requires the same, we will do it, too.

Requesting settlement 3

Requesting settlement More info

Requesting settlement

When you need to get a purchased asset, send us a settlement request either via GUI or API.

In contrast to many OTC desks, daily settlements are not mandatory (we are flexible to roll over your open positions) unless that is what your business model needs.

You may also settle numerous times per day but please bear in mind minimum withdrawal limits (e.g., BTC settlement starts from 10K USD).

Settling 24 / 7 4

Settling 24 / 7 More info

Settling 24 / 7

We usually require our trading partners to settle first. As soon as we receive an asset or payment from you, we will send out our part. Alternatively, we can delivery an asset as far as your net equity with us (sum of long vs sum of short positions) is positive.

Crypto settlements are automated and can be done 24/7. In most cases, it takes us less than 15 minutes to make a delivery.

Trading continuously 5

Trading continuously More info

Trading continuously

There is no need to settle your net open position(s) completely.

When you settle all or some of your net open positions, your free trading limit will increase and you will be able to make larger trades.

Your assets are safe. FinchTrade uses Copper as a custodian.

Learn more in our FAQ